Things to know about King Kenny…

Things you should know about King Kenny:

1- King Kenny is still the only undefeated Roman gladiator in history.

2- Everybody takes Alex Ferguson seriously. Except King Kenny. If King Kenny had taken Fergie seriously, Fergie would have been history. Long ago!

3- When King Kenny enters a dressing room, it explodes. Not one building can hold that much Awesomeness!!!

4- God once tried to make a deal with King Kenny. He said, “You may rule all universe except for the Earth.,,Err, but that’s only if you’re okay with that.”.

5- Love does not conquer all. King Kenny does.

6- King Kenny is only afraid of two things… Two King Kennys’.

7- King Kenny declined the offer of England Job because it was too gay for him.

8- Time waits for no man. Unless that man is King Kenny.

9- When Obama said “Yes we can”, he did because he knew “we” included King Kenny.

10- King Kenny never actually retired from football. He just ran out of asses to kick.

11- King Kenny. That is the ultimate FACT.

12- King Kenny holds the patent for fear.

13- A picture is worth a thousand words. A King Kenny is worth 1 trillion words.

14- When King Kenny takes a break from something, it ceases to exist.


15- What is the scariest sentence in the world? : King Kenny is BACK.