Finally The Football is Back!

FINALLY after so many boring dull days, weeks and months, we finally have one of the best leagues up and running again. We did have an odd part-boring, part-interesting cup of the world recently but somehow, i could not gather the same sort of excitement that i show for the league competitions. And this limited excitement almost vanished when my favorite team Argentina crashed out to the impressive Germans.  So that was the end of that. After the world-cup with those annoying mosquito-horns, i really thought hard and came to the conclusion that they should scrap these extravagant tournaments and just have these leagues. Come to think of it, what exactly is the point in having a world cup and that too after every 4 years. Any team winning it just cant boast it properly mainly because the players these days are more known through the club they play with instead of the national team. Talk of Ronaldo, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Real Madrid/Manchester United or whats-that-country-he-plays-for? See the point.

So, just a couple of agonizing weeks after this cup of the world finished, its back again to the rivalry of the Catalans or the London Derby or the Mersy-side Derby. The football fans are more passionate for Real-Madrid vs Barcelona as compared to Holland vs Spain. They are more riled up with Manchester United vs Liverpool compared to England vs Germany.

For those who doesn’t know, i am a die-hard fan of Liverpool. I do not call myself a glory-hunter mainly for two reasons. First, i started supporting this club in late 90’s when it was lying somewhere in the middle of the premiere league table rather than winning trophies. A convenient excuse for today’s fans to support any club. Second, it was a book i read about English Premiere League that had a whole chapter on the great Shankly. It was the actual start of this never-ending love affair with Liverpool. Shankly’s way of football was something that was completely out of the world and it was he who laid down the foundation for this club to become one of the dominating force not only in English football but the whole Europe.

Anyways, the new season has started finally. And what a big season it is for this wonderful club! Not that i am all geared up for winning the title as that is one thing that is still a few high-profile players and a shrewd manager away. It is the season that will define the future of Liverpool. We have had enough of the lies told to us by those fraudster yanks and it was about time that they were booted out of this esteemed club as it has no place for such con-men. There are a few worthy bids in for Liverpool and as i write, one specific Chinese bid is making all the good news. I really hope it goes ahead but only after proper checks have been made on the source of financing as not only the Liverpool fans but the Premiere League cannot afford a similar episode of fake owners with more lies spoil yet another football club.

The last season was a disappointing one and things could only get better. Or so was what i thought. I admit, i was never a huge fan of Rafa but the way he was dealt with by the club at the end made me a big-time pro-Rafa. It was the same manager that helped the club to finish a close second with a record points tally a season before. A season that included a thrashing of star-studded Real Madrid and a complete destruction of Manchester United in their own backyard. All it needed was a bit of investment in high-profile players and of-course getting rid of the Yanks. Instead, it was deemed suitable to sack the manager while he was away on a holiday. The yanks never had the courage to tell Rafa on his face and dealt another low-blow to the club.  The fact that the reigning European and Italian champions wasted no time in appointing Rafa says it all about the pedigree this guy carried.  My best wished are for Rafa not only because he was once our Manager but for the way he reacted to such a shameful selfish yank act. Being someone who closely monitors Liverpool news, i know of things Rafa has been doing for the local community and he is continuing them at this very time as well. You will never walk alone Rafa!

Anyways, back to the new season. For the second season running, Liverpool were handed a tricky tie against the young Gunners at home. It was not only this mouth watering tie that i was looking forward to but the new-look Liverpool as well. The new manager Roy and the new signings including Joe Cole and Jovanovich. And all three did not fail to impress. Although Cole got shown a first-ever-red of his career for a foul that was never intended but looked reckless, the other new signing Jovanovich looks the bargain. The way he completely owned Sagna shows that he is one hard nut and not someone who will be dropping like a dead wood after every foul. The game was hard-fought and the way we responded after going down to ten men really got me feel good about this season. The determination and hard-work was back. The ever-improving Ngog yet again showed his promise and only improved on his goals-per-game ratio that is in-fact better than heavyweights like Berbatov. The push for a winner after Arsenal luckily equalized was refreshing and it was certainly a one-point gained rather than 2 points lost.  Reina made a very rare and uncharacteristic mistake but he is still the world’s best in my eyes. The game was there for the taking but Arsenal could not capitalize on a one-man advantage. Infact Liverpool were down to 9 men in the last moments due to Agger’s injury but Arsenal just could not find a way through a very determined Liverpool side.

Up next is the Heavy spending Man-City away, promoted WestBrom at home, tricky Birmingham away and then the visit to the other (read smaller-spending wise) club of Manchester. The footballing God was clearly not in a happy mood when the fixtures were decided.

Regardless of my lack of satisfaction over the appointment for the new manager, I like all Liverpool fans, am completely behind our new gaffer and will stay that way for the rest of his tenure!